Meet Our Staff

Day Nursery Association Administration

615 N. Alabama Street, Suite 300
English Foundation Building
Indianapolis Indiana 46204
(317) 636-9197

Ted Maple Day Nursery Association President and CEO
Ted Maple | President & CEO | Ext. 229
Marsha Hearn Lindsey Day Nursery
Marsha Hearn Lindsey|Vice-President & COO|Ext. 226
Wanda Kaiser Day Nursery
Wanda Kaiser | Chief Financial Officer| Ext. 231
Mindy Bennett Child Care Answers
Mindy Bennett | Program Director |Child Care Answers |Ext. 224
Patty Fisher Day Nursery Association
Patty Fisher | Director of Center Administration | Ext. 232
Denise Hancock Day Nursery
Kent Mitchell | Director of Strategic Partnerships | Ext. 240
Cathy Johnson Day Nursery
Megan McKinney Cooper | Director of Development & Marketing | Ext. 227
Denise Hancock Day Nursery
Brittany Fortman | Development & Marketing Associate | Ext. 221
Cathy Johnson Day Nursery
Cathy Johnson | Director of Human Resources | Ext. 236
Erin Slack Day Nursery
Erin Slack | Payroll & Benefits | Ext. 234
Denise Hancock Day Nursery
Bridgetta Bullock | Human Resources Generalist | Ext. 252
Denise Hancock Day Nursery
Denise Hancock | Executive Assistant | Ext. 222
Scott Seip
Scott Seip | Senior Accountant | Ext. 233
Pam Jacobs Day Nursery
Pam Jacobs | Junior Accountant | Ext. 230

2 Responses to Meet Our Staff

  1. dianne noe says:

    Hello Marsha!
    Saw you on the news last night. Very nicely done!

    Dianne Noe

  2. Thank you for all you do to help us provide quality childcare for children in Indiana!

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