Day Nursery Association is now Early Learning Indiana, dedicated to ensuring excellent early learning opportunities for all Indiana children. We are still committed to providing the same high-quality early childhood education at our centers, now called Day Early Learning. Our full website is under construction, but you can learn more about Early Learning Indiana on our splash page (click here to visit) and you can still find the information you need about our centers here on daynursery.org.

Our Mission:

The mission of Early Learning Indiana is to assure the highest level of early childhood education for children in Indiana.

Vision Statement:

The vision of Day Nursery Association is to create early childhood learning experiences that prepare children for success in school and build a solid foundation and passion for life-long learning.

Our Values:

Excellence: We strive for excellence, maintaining the highest standards for the education, development, protection, and care of young children.

Commitment: We commit to supportive relationships, the foundation for all of our work with children, families and each other.

Collaboration: We work together, recognizing that providing the highest level of service to young children requires collaboration and partnership.

Respect: We treat everyone with respect, strengthening the bonds that bring us together, define our culture and allow us to lead in the wider community.

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